Events/Meeting Dates

Meetings and Events Held by Our Homeowners Association

Upcoming events for 2023 are:

Annual All Hands Meeting - March 8 (see below)

Annual Easter Egg Hunt - April 1 (see Home page)


HOA Meetings:  HOA Board Meetings are switching from Quarterly to Bimonthly as shown below.

HOA Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday every other month as shown below, at V-Esprit, 5240 S. Shalom Park Circle, Aurora, CO 80015, from 7:00-8:30 pm. V-Esprit is the name of the apartments and patio homes that used to be part of Shalom Park. Our meetings will be held in the Club Room of the Apartment building, which has a circle drive and is located just to the east of the Shalom Park nursing home building. HOA meetings are open to all residents of Woodgate. You may view our meetings on zoom by contacting board member Mandy Ashley at 605-321-7986. Here are the proposed dates of the meetings for 2023:


Jan 11 - HOA Board Meeting

Mar 8 - Annual All Hands Meeting  (This is our annual meeting for HOA membership.  During this meeting, the HOA Board addresses various issues, presents the annual budget, and discusses major projects. Woodgate residents are welcome to attend any HOA meeting, but the annual "All Hands Meeting" is particularly focused on open dialogue with HOA members.)

May 10 - HOA Board Meeting

Jul 12 - Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Sep 13 - HOA Board Meeting

Nov 8 - HOA Board Meeting

Dues Drive in full swing. We are increasing our annual, voluntary dues this year for the first time in the past 15 years to $50.  We use these dues  to run this voluntary Homeowners Association. What your dues pay for… Membership Benefits. Please send $50 annual dues to: Woodgate Single Family HOA P.O. Box 460283 Aurora, CO 80046-0283 Click for printable dues statement