Woodgate has an active Neighborhood Watch program. Our Police Area Representative (PAR) area is District 3, Area 25. Our assigned PAR is Officer Stacee Sparks, (303) 627-3175. Officer Sparks’s normal work hours are Mon – Thurs, 6:30 am – 4:30 pm. Her email is ssparks@auroragov.org. Do not contact her for crimes in progress, call 911. If you are not sure whether it is an emergency, the 911 dispatchers will decide the urgency of the report.

If you do not know what is suspicious, or to see what data the police dispatcher may ask for when you call, see:

Important numbers to remember:

If there is an emergency or crime in progress call 911

Aurora police dispatch (non-emergency) (303) 627-3100
Vandalism reports (front desk) (303) 739-6050
PAR Officer Stacee Sparks (303) 627-3175
Neighborhood Watch (Sam Wheeler) (720) 459-9069
Animal Control (303) 326-8280
Parking complaints (driveways) (303) 739-7000
Parking complaints (on street) (303) 739-7338
US Postal Inspection Service (report vandalism of mailbox banks or blue mailboxes) (877) 876-2455

Keep this bookmarked for your information and see the Woodgate HOA newsletter for additional information

Neighborhood Watch Update

To view area crime reports, look at communitycrimemap.com (you simply enter your address, the date range you want to see, and the crimes/events you want displayed.)  This site shows all crimes that have been reported to the police.

Things We Can Do to Reduce Crime in Woodgate

  • Don’t post vacation/out-of-town plans on social media.
  • Stop the newspaper.
  • Don’t leave windows open, even on the 2d floor, if you are away from home.
  • Lock everything (including gates, windows and security doors). Approximately 90% of thefts occur through unlocked doors and windows.
  • Don’t leave valuables in vehicles which are parked outside.
  • If you have an alarm system, make sure it is used.
  • Don’t leave keys, purses or other valuables near doors and windows.
  • Let neighbors know about your out-of-town plans and ask that they shovel snow on the driveway and pick up any flyers or newspapers.
  • Write down serial numbers of valuables. This allows Police to notify area pawn shops and hopefully recover your property and catch the thieves. If there is no serial number, etch your driver’s license number on the item. Take pictures of your valuables.
  • Call 911 to report all crimes to Police; dispatch will determine the urgency of the situation. If needed, the non-emergency number is (303) 627-3100; however, our PAR has told us that if you are unsure which to use, call 911.
  • Use light timers on indoor lights and light-activating or motion detecting sensors on outdoor lights.(Light deters crime!)
  • Call the police if you see suspicious persons or vehicles. (See What is Suspicious FAQ link above.) Never approach suspicious parties yourself, that is what the police get paid to do.
  • Insert wooden dowels in sliding doors and windows. Fix any broken locks or mechanisms that secure doors or windows
  • Use caution when installing pet doors opening to the exterior of the home (these allow entrance by both burglars and undesirable wildlife). Secure them when you are out of town.
  • Install security storm doors on your front doors and keep them locked. If someone rings the bell to see if a resident is home, you can more safely answer the door with a security door. A security door is another level of protection against forced entry through doors. Also, put security grates that can be opened from the inside only over basement windows.
  • Park your vehicles in the garage, if possible. Usually your vehicles and their contents are more valuable than whatever you are storing in your garage.
  • Keep your garage door closed when you are not working in it.
  • Don’t leave your car running to warm it up while you are inside your house. This is illegal and contributes to car theft.

Home Security Checklist to Avoid Being a Victim of Crime

Does the door have a 180 degree peep hole?
Are the locks that can be opened from the inside at least 40 inches from the glass? Can someone break the glass and unlock your door?
Do you have a dead bolt lock?
Ensure hinge pins are on the inside of the door or if they are outside they can’t be removed.
Does the door fit securely in the door jamb?
Does the dead bolt extend into the strike plate?
Do the locks need to be rekeyed? If you lose or misplace your keys just rekey the locks.
Does the dead bolt use a key to unlock it from both sides of the door?
Do sliding glass doors and windows have auxiliary locks? (Bars in doors or putting a dowel in the track of the window)
Pet doors can they be secured and locked? Your pet door should be secured if you are out of town.

Can windows be left open for ventilation also be secured? You can use thumb locks that fit in the window track to secure the windows while they are open.
Do curtains or drapes cover you windows? Don’t let the bad guys see all your nice stuff.
Is a window air conditioner or swamp cooler secured from the inside? Make sure they can’t be removed from the outside.
Can basement windows be secured and do you have window well covers that can be locked and unlocked from the inside so you can exit the basement in an emergency?

Do you close your door when it’s not in use? Remember crimes of opportunity.
Do you lock your door leading to the backyard or into the house?
Do you leave your keys or valuables in the car when it’s parked in the garage? Always take them into the house.

Do you have motion lights?
Is the rear and the front of your home well lit? Remember burglaries don’t like to be seen.
Do you set light timers? Keeping them on the same schedule when you are in town as when you are out of town makes your home less obviously unoccupied.

Are trees and shrubs cut to eliminate hiding places? Look to see if someone can gain access to your home and not be seen.
Are you home numbers visible at night? Gold numbers are hard to see. Also, emergency vehicles may have difficulty finding your home, and it is an Aurora city code to have house numbers no less than 4″ in height and in sharp contrast to their background.

Do you have a neighbor watch your house?
Do you have someone pick up your mail or papers?
Do you have someone take care of your lawn or remove snow from your driveway?
Do you set light timers? Try to keep them on the same schedule when you are in town as when you are out of town.

Record all serial numbers on your valuables. If there are no serial numbers, etch an owner applied number on them. Take pictures of your valuables and put the information in a safe place.