Welcome to the Woodgate Single Family Homeowner Association’s Official Website. We represent filings 1 through 4 (areas 1-18 on the map) in Woodgate relating to Covenant & City Code enforcement. Within the boundaries on the map are 3 mandatory HOAs (click on the blue numbers to see the map) with mandatory monthly dues. Woodgate Recreational includes areas 19-26. Within Woodgate Recreational are Woodgate Terrace (areas 19-20) and Woodgate Precedent (areas 25-26), both of which pay additional HOA dues for additional services. Only the homes in Woodgate Recreational have access to the pool. Contact information for these mandatory HOAs is located on our Links/Contacts page.

We are a voluntary Homeowners Association. We collect voluntary annual dues to support our Neighborhood Watch program, a quarterly newsletter, various seasonal social events, maintenance of our perimeter, and website costs. All residents of Woodgate (including the 3 mandatory associations) are welcome to participate in our Neighborhood Watch program and social activities. They all receive our quarterly newsletter and hopefully choose to support our efforts either by paying our annual dues or by volunteering in other ways, such as picking up litter or volunteering to help the HOA.

2021 Events:

National Night Out - Tuesday, August 3

Sagebrush Park, 5:30 - 6:15pm

National Night Out is a nationwide event demonstrating a "night out" against crime.  This year, Aurora Police District 3 is visiting Sagebrush Park and will be bringing units such as a fire truck, motorcycle and DART bikes, a canine unit, and a patrol car, to demonstrate police and fire involvement in the community.  We encourage you to come and have a picnic in the park so you can meet your neighbors and the officers in the community who help us stay safe.

Please come show your support for our outstanding police and fire departments!!

If you have questions, contact our PAR, Officer Garcia, 303-627-3174.